Measuring - Determine Your Skylight Size

To get the appropriate dimensions for your CoolSun Skylight Shades, you must measure your skylight, from the outside, on the roof. Measuring from the inside will not provide adequate numbers. Also, measurements should “round up” to the nearest quarter inch (.25").

Once on the roof, you must get three measurements referred to as A, B and C.

Measure the length (A):
With a tape measure, start from the middle of one side and measure from the top outside edge of your skylight frame over the lens (flat or dome) to the opposite side’s top outside edge frame.

Measure the width (B):
Do the same for (B) as for you did for (A). If your skylight is square, (A) and (B) will be the same.

Measure the depth of your skylight frame (C):
Measure the vertical distance from the top outside edge of the frame to the bottom of the frame. Usually this is about 1.5 to 2 “. Do not measure to the roof surface.

CAUTION: Climbing ladders and walking on roofs is dangerous. If you are not experienced doing this, you should hire someone who is, such as a roofer or handyman to measure and install your solar screens.

Available Colors

Brown  Grey  Stucco

CoolSun Skylight Shades are available in three colors: Dark Brown, Light Gray and Stucco (light beige).

Colors are normally selected to best blend with the roof surface color. The heat, glare and UV blocking ability from all colors is the same. The darker colors absorb a bit more light while the lighter colors reflect more light giving a slightly brighter effect inside. Despite the color differences, all appear to be the same when looking up from the inside and there is not any color projected into the interior space.

Warranty: CoolSun Skylight Shades are warranted for one year against defects in material and workmanship.